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Historian, political scientist
London, Великобританія

Dr. Harun Yilmaz received his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Oxford and subsequently worked as a research fellow at Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. He is currently a British Academy research fellow at Queen Mary University of London. He is a regional expert on history, politics, national identities, and political propaganda. His academic and popular publications cover Ukraine, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Dr. Yilmaz worked in these locations for long periods of time and acquired an excellent grasp of existing political and cultural issues at grassroots level. His language skills include Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, and Kazakh. His most recent book is National Identities in Soviet Historiography: The Rise of Nations under Stalin (Routledge, 2015).

Список публікацій: 


•    2015. National Identities in Soviet Historiography: Building Nations under Stalin. London: Routledge.

•    2006. State Centered System and Bureaucracy in Russia [Rusya’da Devlet Merkezli Sistem ve Bürokrasi]. Istanbul: Versus, (in Turkish).



•    2015. ‘A Family Quarrel: Azerbaijani Historians against Soviet Iranologists’, Iranian Studies: Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, 48(5):769-783.

•    2015. ‘The Rise of Red Kurdistan [reprint of the article below]’ in Studies in Kurdish History: Empires, Ethnicity, and Identity, eds Djene Ryhs Bajalan, Sara Zandi Karimi, 119-142. New York, London: Routledge.  

•    2015. ‘Konstruirovanie obrazov kazakhskikh natsional’nykh geroev pri Staline’ [Construction of Kazakh national heroes under Stalin]. Otan Tarikhy, 2(70):73-100 [the journal of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan]. (in Russian)

•    2014. 'The Rise of Red Kurdistan’, Iranian Studies: Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, 47(6): 799-822.

•    2014. ‘Soviet Construction of Kazakh Batyrs’ In Social and Cultural Change in Central Asia: The Soviet Legacy, edited by S. Akyildiz and R. Carlson, 45-62. London: Routledge.

•    2013. ‘The Soviet Union and the Construction of Azerbaijani National Identity in the 1930s’, Iranian Studies: Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies, 46(4): 511-533.

•    2012. ‘History writing as agitation and propaganda: Kazakh history book of 1943’, Central Asian Survey, 31(4): 409-423.

•    2012. ‘Son Yirmi Yılda Türkiye’nin Orta Asya’ya Yönelik Dış Politikası ve Bölgedeki Faaliyetleri’ [Turkish Foreign Policy in Central Asia and Turkey’s Activities in the Region in the Last Twenty Years]. In Bağımsızlıklarının 20. Yılında Orta Asya Cumhuriyetleri’nde Türk Dilli Halklar Türkiye ile İlişkiler [Central Asian Republics in the 20th Anniversary of their Independence: Relations between Turkic Peoples and Turkey] edited by A. Aydıngün, Ç. Balım, 483-586. Ankara: AKM. (in Turkish).

•    2009. ‘Unexpected Peace: Azerbaijan-Georgia Relations in 1918-1920’, Revolutionary Russia, 22(1): 37-67.

Queen Mary University of London, The British Academy