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Historian, journalist, political scientist, and social activist
Jerusalem, State of Israel

Holds a Ph.D. in History from the Moscow Lomonosov University, graduated from the Jewish University in Moscow, Russia. As Research Fellow, worked at Jewish University in Jerusalem, Central European University in Budapest, and Warsaw University, Poland. Taught at Jewish University in Moscow, Moscow State University, International Solomon University (Kyiv, Ukraine), and at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine). Head of the "Analytics" Program (Eurasian Jewish Congress, EJC), and of the National Minorities Rights Monitoring Group. Since 2008, Chief Editor of the official EJC website.

His research interests include ethnopolitical conflict studies, xenophobia on the post-Soviet space, ideology and activity of far-right groups in Russia and Ukraine, political extremism, theories of nation and nationalism, history of anti-semitism, activity of Jewish communities on post-Soviet space, and inter-confessional relations. 

Krytyka is currently preparing the publication of his monograph To the Right of Maidan: Revolution, War, and Radical Right Movements in Ukraine (2013-2016).




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Статті у часописі «Критика»:

Страх і ненависть в Україні 2008/7-8 (129-130)