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Historian, translator
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Having graduated from the Kharkiv University's Department of History, I translate from English and Portugese. I won the first international competition for literary translation from Portuguese into Russian "Иными словами / Por Outras Palavras".
I contribute to the platform articles on the Ukrainian rebellions of the 1918-20's, on the history of the "Kholodny Yar," and the life of its author. I translated the first part of Yury Horlis-Horsky's "Kholodny Yar," adding to it a comprehensive historical commentary, however I haven't managed to publish the book.

Translation and study of Yury Horlis-Horsky's "Kholodny Yar"
Research Interests: 
1. Ukrainian revolution, First Liberation Struggles, Civil War in the Former Russian Empire; Ukrainian Rebellion Movement. 2. Ethos and Nation; Construction of National Cultures and Literary Languages; Comparative Analysis of Multilingalism in Various Nations; Spanish-Portugese Bilingualism.