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Cultural Anthropologist
Saskatoon, Canada

Professor of Cultural Anthropology at St. Thomas More College (University of Saskatchewan), Founding Editor of “Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning" (, Coordinator of Oral History Program (Prairie Centre for the study of Ukrainian Heritage, University of Saskatchewan).

List of Publications: 


Ukrainian Otherlands: Diaspora, Homeland and Folk Imagination in the Twentieth century. University of Wisconsin Press, 2015. (Kobzar Literary Award 2018 Finalist)

Reclaiming the Personal: Oral History in Post-Socialist Times. Collection of Essays, with. Gelinada Grinchenko (Eds.), University of Toronto Press, 2015.

The Other World or Ethnicity in Action: Canadian Ukrainianness at the End of the 20th Century / Інший світ або етнічність у дії: канадська українськість кінця 20 століття. Kyiv: Smoloskyp Press, 2011.

Orality and Literacy: Reflections Across Disciplines, with Keith Carlson, Kristina Fagan, (Eds). University of Toronto Press, 2011.

In Search of Voice: Oral History as Theory, Method, and Source, with Gelinada Grinchenko (Eds.) Kharkiv: V.N. Karazin National University: Torgsin Plus, Ukraine, 2010.

Chapters in books    

2011 -    “From Family Lore to a People’s History: the Role of Oral Culture in Ukrainian Claims to the Canadian Prairies.” In Orality and Literacy: Reflections Across Disciplines. Pp. 177-196. Eds. K. Carlson, K. Fagan, N. Khanenko-Friesen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

 2011 -   (with Kristina Fagan and Keith Carlson). “Introduction: Reading and Listening in Batoche.” In Orality and Literacy: Reflections Across Disciplines. Pp. 3-17. Eds. K. Carlson, K. Fagan, N. Khanenko-Friesen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

 2010 -  Natalia Khanenko-Friesen and Gelinada Grinchenko. “У пошуках Субєкта: Усна Історія у Плюральному Світі // In Search of a Subject: Oral History in a Plural World.” In У пошуках Власного Голосу: Усна Історія як Теорія, Метод та Джерело // In Search of Voice: Oral History as Theory, Method, and Source. A publication of Ukrainian Oral History Association and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Kharkiv: Torgsin Plus. Pp. 11-23. In Ukrainian.

 2007-    “Robinson Crusoes, the Prostitutes, the Heroes? Constructing the Ukrainian Labour Migrant in Ukraine.” Hyphenated Histories: Articulations of Central European Bildung and Slavic Studies in the Contemporary Academy, ed. by Andrew Colin Gow. Leiden and Boston: Brill Academic Publishers. Pp.103-120.

Journal Publications

2013 “Letters from the ‘Old Country’: Exploring and Defining Ukrainian Canadian Vernacular Letter Writing,” In Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal, Vol 42. No. 2. Forthcoming, 2013.

 2013  Labour Migration and Creating Writing: Carving New Transnational Spaces in Ukrainian Culture,” In East/West: The Scholarly Journal for History and Culture, Special issue, “Neo-anti-colonialism vs Neo-imperialism: The Relevance of the Postcolonial Discourse in the Post -Soviet Space.” Edited by Gelinada Grinchenko and Tetiana Dzyadevych, Kharkiv, Ukraine: Kharkiv National University. Volume 16–17. Pp. 488-520. In Ukrainian.

2010  “Ритуали повернення або українсько канадські траекторії діаспорного туризму // The Rituals of Homecoming or the Ukrainian Canadian Diaspora Tourism.” In Ukrainian Folklore Studies in Canada: New Visions of Traditional, Traditional Visions of New (Special Issue of Narodoznavchi Zoshyty, Ukrainian Journal of Ethnology (Eds. Andriy Nahachewsky, Natalia Kononenko, Mariia Mayerchyk,  Lviv, Ukraine: Institute of Ethnology. No. 3-4 (93-94). Pp. 60-74.  In Ukrainian.

 2010  “У Пошуках Нового Суб’єкта Історії: Проект «Усна Історія Деколективізації В Україні 1990-Х Рр. – Селянський Досвід // “In Search of History’s Agents: Oral History of Decollectivization in Ukraine in the 1990s, In Ukrainskyi Istorychnyi Zhurnal  (Ukrainian History Journal,). Kyiv, Ukraine: Institute of History, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. No. 5 (2010). Pp. 188-199. In Ukrainian

 2008 Oral Evidence and Interpretations: Ukrainian Canadian Research Practices). In East/West: The Scholarly Journal for History and Culture, Kharkiv, Ukraine: Kharkiv National University. No. 11-12, pp. 109-138. In Ukrainian.

 2007  “On Oral History and the Production of Meaning: Notes from the Ukrainian Canada,” Ukraiina Moderna (Modern Ukraine): Ukrainian Journal of Modern History, Kyiv-Lviv: Krytyka, No.11. Pp. 25-47. In English.

 2006   “Searching for Cinderellas, in Naples and Beyond: Popular Culture Responses to Labour Migration from Ukraine,” Spaces of Identity:  Tradition, Cultural Boundaries & Identity Formation in Central Europe (Peer-reviewed International Journal of Cultural Studies) No. 6.2. 18 pp. In English.

“The Folk Connection: Diaspora, Homeland and the Ukrainian ‘Other’ in the 20th Century”, research project supported by SSHRC research grant (2007-2011). This multistage research project outlines and questions the role of folklore and vernacular culture in the interaction between diaspora Ukrainians and Ukraine. “Oral History of SocioCultural Change: Ukrainian Canadians on the Prairies Provinces” 120 interviews were conducted in 2002-03 in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Project material is being transcribed and digitzed. The collection of interviews is accessible through the University of Saskatchewan Library System. “Oral History of Decollectivisation in Ukraine in the 1990s.” 113 autobiographical interviews were recorded with former collective farmers in ten regions of Ukraine. Project materials are being transcribed, systematized and processed (2009-10). The collection of interviews will be made accessible to other researchers. Ukrainian Canadian Personal Memoirs. Project supported by SSHRC Standard Research Grant and PCUH. More than seventy personal memoirs are identified for this project thus far. Bibliographical information as well as copies of unpublished memoirs are held in PCUH Personal Sources Archives. The work on this project continues. Letters from the Old Country - Project supported by RGLS grant and concerns ongoing collection and the analysis of personal correspondence between Ukraine and Canada in the 20th century. Oral History of the 20th Street: Many Faces of City Core Neighbourhood - Project supported by STM Distinct Area Research Award. Five year research project in collaboration with students enrolled in the course ANTH 330.3 Oral History and Storytelling: Anthropological Perspectives