Nadiya Kravets

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Political Scientist, Editor of the Journal of Ukrainian Politics and Society
Cambridge, United States of America

Received her DPhil at University of Oxford (Department of Politics and International Relations, St. Anthony's College) in 2012. In her dissertation studied international and security politics of Ukraine since independence. In 2011-2012 - Shklar Fellow at Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. Currently postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. Research focuses on the relationship between public opinion and international politics in Ukraine, security questions in the Black Sea region, and Russia's relations with the republics of the former Soviet Union. Currently works on a book about the Ukrainian-Russian relations after 1991. 

Select Publications:

"The Story Behind Ukraine's Millenial Revolution"

"Why Syria Veto Makes Sence" with Peter Rutland

"National Interests on Trial: Flawed Logic in a Flawed Political System" 

"Ukraine Alert"