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UA Читати українською
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Edmonton, Canada

Professor of history at University of Alberta (Edmonton), research focuses on questions of historical memory, in particular on World War II, history of the Holocaust, social democracy and nationalism in Ukraine. The most recent book: «Ukrainians, Jews and the Holocaust: Divergent Memories» (Saskatoon: Heritage Press, 2009).

List of Publications: 

Last Judgment Iconography in the Carpathians (2009)

“Dimensions of a Triangle: Polish-Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Austrian Galicia” in POLIN: Studies in Polish Jewry (1999)

Religion and Nationality in Western Ukraine: The Greek Catholic Church and the Ruthenian National Movement in Galicia, 1867-1900 (1999)

“Ukrainian Collaboration in the Extermination of the Jews during the Second World War: Sorting Out the Long-Term and Conjunctural Factors” in Jonathan Frankel’s The Fate of the European Jews, 1939-1945: Continuity or Contingency (1997)

Galician Villagers and the Ukrainian National Movement in the Nineteenth Century (1988)

Socialism in Galicia: The Emergence of Polish Social Democracy and Ukrainian Radicalism (1860-1890) (1983)