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The Future of Ukraine's Past

UA Читати українською

In this special topic, we seek to discuss the relevance of study and processing of Ukraine's past for its future. Among other topics, we draw attention also to contentious moments of the past: history of the Ukrainian struggle for independence in 1917-23; interwar period; Holodomor and collectivization; the time before and during World War II; and the Soviet period until the collapse of the USSR in 1991. We are not primarily dedicated to finding answers what to do with memorials or symbols of the past regimes on modern Ukrainian territory, but to studying the way in which our past and our processing of it define the trajectory of the society's development in the future. Of particular importance in this regard are ideology of government in Ukraine, interaction between state and civil society, law writing and discussion of proposed laws in the society, rule of law, democratic rights and freedoms (of speech, conviction, assembly and so on), education and scholarship. Our special attention is directed to the institute of public discussion about the questions that to some extent divide Ukrainian society.