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UA Читати українською

The hashtag (#) in the title of this special topic serves not only as a reminder that the "Euromaidan Revolution," as other social cataclysms in the world in the recent years, from Iran to the Occupy Movement, was decisively mediated by the Internet and lived on the energy from social networks. For us it has an added meaning: Krytyka's new web platform was launched just a week before the beginning of the events on Euromaidan in Kyiv.

When we first started this featured topic, we did not know what would await Ukraine after the defeat in Vilnius, as we did not know how the events in Kyiv would end. Yet we definitely knew that the topic of #Euromaidan will remain a certain intermediary result and a conclusion of what Krytyka believed in and wrote about for the past 17 years of its existence: Freedom and human rights, rule of law and non-violent resistance, a challenge to radicalism and difficulties of political leadership. 

In this topic, we present some brilliant contributions from our authors, dedicated to revolutionary events in Ukraine. Krytyka has published a whole issue on this topic (No. 11-12, 2013). No matter how we will remember these days and nights in a month or a year, their importance for and homework they give us remain a massive challenge for the community of our authors. During the events, they wrote blogs and went onto streets - to join you, our readers, friends, and colleagues.