Subscription to Krytyka Magazine (online and print edition)

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Subscription to Krytyka Magazine (online and print edition)

Subscribing to both the print and the online edition of Krytyka, you are getting the best of the two worlds: you will be able to enjoy the quality of a print publication, and combine it with the comfort of access to all articles wherever you go!

Krytyka needs your support: Your subscription will help us remain truly independent!

In pursuing its vision of civil society and democratic values, Krytyka has established a new standard of discourse and inquiry that has been broadly recognized. Since its inception 1997, Krytyka has addressed the central issues facing Ukraine and the region, and has included among its authors outstanding critics and scholars from Ukraine and the West, from Poland, Russia, and Belarus.

Subscription to Journal «Krytyka», Ukraine's finest intellectual journal, is available with your debit or cradit card via PayPal or Liqpay, a secure service offered by a leading Ukrainian bank, PryvatBank. Subscription to the Journal is available all year around. Subscription prices include shipping and handling depending on your destination.

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