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Ukraine: Language, Culture, Identity A Conference of the Mykola Zerov Centre for Ukrainian Studies, Monash University, in association with the Ukrainian Studies Association of Australia and the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Australia Building 54, Clayton Campus, Monash University 15-16 February 2013

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Східна Европа втрачає свободу: Відозва до громадськости вільного світу


Ukrainian society is fundamentally historical. Ask us about modern problems and we’ll usually begin our answer with their roots in the conversion of Rus' or the Mongol invasion. It is the same for corruption. Its total presence in every field of Ukrainian society’s life invites us to believe that its roots are in the past. And that's why it's unlikely to be overcome in the near future. This way of thinking is partly justified. However, it is most important to recognize that there are certain limits beyond which this penchant for historicism no longer explains, but only impedes understanding. Or even worse, generates fatalism and justifies our lack of activity.