Nieman Foundation Visiting Fellowships

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Nieman Foundation Visiting Fellowships

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard offers short-term visiting fellowships to individuals interested in working on special research projects designed to advance journalism. Applications are due on Friday, August 29, 2014. Candidates may submit proposals using the online application

Who should apply?

 Applicants need not be practicing journalists, but must demonstrate the ways in which their work at Harvard and the Nieman Foundation may improve the prospects for journalism’s future. This may be related to research, programming, design, financial strategies or another topic. U.S. and international applicants are welcome.

Those who should consider applying include publishers, programmers, Web designers, media analysts, academics, journalists and others interested in enhancing quality, building new business models or designing programs to improve journalism. The proposed project may be completed during the time spent at Harvard or be part of a larger undertaking. All visiting fellows are expected to be in residence in Cambridge during their study and present their findings to the Nieman community at the end of their research period.

While at Harvard: Successful applicants are invited to the Nieman Foundation for a period ranging from a few weeks to three months, depending on the scope of the project. Nieman Visiting Fellows have access to the extensive intellectual resources at Harvard and throughout Cambridge, including scholars, research centers and libraries. Successful applicants also have the opportunity to work with the Nieman Fellows and the various standing and evolving projects housed at the Nieman Foundation (Nieman Reports,Nieman Journalism Lab, Nieman Storyboard, initiatives related towatchdog journalism and others).

How is this different from the other Nieman Fellowships? The Nieman Foundation selects 24 U.S. and international journalists each year to study for 10 months at Harvard, with work organized around the academic calendar. Fellows engage in work both at the university and at the Nieman Foundation designed to enhance their expertise in specific subject areas and enhance their skills as journalists and as leaders.

The Nieman Visiting Fellowship is designed for individuals who are working on shorter-term projects or inquiries who may not be able to spend an academic year at Harvard; who may or may not be journalists; and whose work in support of journalism or journalism models would benefit from concentrated exposure to the assets of Harvard and the Nieman Foundation.

Funding the Visiting Fellowship: As with other longer-term Nieman fellowships, a Visiting Fellow’s employer is encouraged to extend the employee’s salary and benefits during the period of study. If such funding is not available, a standard Nieman stipend will be provided to the Visiting Fellow and prorated for the length of the fellowship. The Nieman Foundation will also help candidates find temporary housing in the Cambridge area.

How to apply: The Nieman Foundation will offer several Visiting Fellowships each year. Applications are due on Friday, August 29, 2014. The online application allows you to upload your resume and a proposal of up to 500 words (word limits are enforced, so please don’t exceed the limit) that describes your project or inquiry and how you plan to spend your time at Harvard; explain how the work will benefit journalism; and indicate the amount of time, up to 12 weeks, needed to complete the work.

View the online application.  

For questions about the application process, contact Nieman Foundation fellowship program administrator John Breen at 617-495-2238 or 

There are no academic prerequisites and a college degree is not required to receive a Nieman Visiting Fellowship.

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