Ethnographic conference in IMFE in Kyiv - October 2012

Ethnographic conference in IMFE in Kyiv - October 2012

M. T. Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is pleased to invite You to participate at the International scientific conference "Ukrainian Professional and Ethnoculture: New Perspectives for Research, Integration into a Global Civilizational Process".

The conference will be held on the 22nd October, 2012 at the M. T. Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (4 Hrushevskoho St., 01001, Kyiv).
We are going to discuss a huge variety of topics, connected to ethnography, study of art and study of culture. The papers are welcome on the following topics:
Contribution of the outstanding Ukrainian ethnologists into European science;

Ethnical and ethnopolitical aspects of oral history;

- Modern methods of researches on ethnoculure: authenticity of documentation and scientific interpretation;
- Problem of preserving and transmission of the ethnocultural heritage in the postindustrial informational society;
- Traditions and innovations in festival and ceremonial culture;
- Interethnic and intercultural impacts in the modern ethnocultural phenomena;
-The national, the regional, the local in the Slavic and folklore studies at the beginning of the XXI century;
-Folklore consciousness: methodological aspects of research;
-Ukrainian songs and instrumental music in the regional and genre dimensions: traditions and transformations;
-Idea of the national in the modern art studies;
-Decorative art of Ukraine: interconnections of the folk and the professional;
-World art styles and their local variants in the history of Ukrainian fine arts;
-Creative work of modern Ukrainian composers and the world cultural-art process;
-Performing arts of Ukraine in the international connections;
Ukrainian screen culture: modern theoretical tendencies and methods of research;
Stylistic pursuits in the modern theater arts;
Corporative backgrounds of the modern culture forming processes.
Please, send us please your application form with your name, surname, theme of your paper, summaries in Ukrainian, Russian and English as well as key words, your personal address, phone number and e-mail to:
4 Hrushevskoho St., 01001, Kyiv, Ukraine, M. T. Rylsky Institute of Art, Folklore Studies and Ethnology, organizers of the International scientific conference or to

Do not hesitate to contacts us either per telephone +38044278-12-90 or per e-mail.
The deadline for application is the 1st October 2012 and for your paper the 20th November 2012.
The organizers guarantee proceedings publication of your papers in a scientific journal.

Instructions for authors
The length of the paper may not exceed 20 000 symbols.
In the upper right corner put your name and surname, on the line bellow your city. In the centre of the next line put the title of your paper in capital letters.
Text should be typed in Microsoft Word, Times New Roman 14 points font should be used in your paper, 1.5 line-to-line spacing. Top and bottom margins are 20 mm, left margin-30 mm, right margin -15mm. All publication cited in the text should be presented in the numbered list of references following the text of the manuscript. The references in the text are to be cited in square brackets, the first number indicates a cited reference list entry, the second number
stands for the page, you cite, e.g. [1, p. 20]. You can as well use footnotes at the bottom of a page. Please make sure, that your manuscript paper maintains all the tips mentioned, otherwise it can be rejected by the organizers of the conference.
The registration fee for participants amounts to 150 UAH, and includes publication of theses in the annual journal, tea and coffee during breaks. We do not repay your travel costs as well as your staying in Kyiv during the conference.


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