Contemporary Russian Anti-Westernism, Collected Volume

Contemporary Russian Anti-Westernism, Collected Volume

Book Series "Explorations of the Far Right" (EFR), ibidem-Verlag Stuttgart


"Varieties of Contemporary Russian Anti-Westernism: Historical Sources, Ideological Foundations, Organizational Expressions"

Deadline for the selection of texts: 1 February 2013
Deadline for the final submissions: 1 May 2013

The German ibidem-Verlag (Stuttgart & Hannover) book series "Explorations of the Far Right" - see: - invites submissions for an English-language collected volume to be guest-edited by Andreas Umland. The volume's theme are the modern permutations of Russian integral nationalism, religious fundamentalism, ethnocentrism, antisemitism, ultra-conservatism, antidemocratism, neo-fascism, etc., as well as their historical roots and current institutional bases.

This English-language project is an initiative of the Eichstaett Institute for Central and East European Studies (ZIMOS), at Upper Bavaria. See It parallels a similar publication program in Russian language, by this Institute's web journal "Forum noveishei vostochnoevropeiskoi istorii i kul'tury." See

The English-language projects' main purpose is to bring to the attention of the community of researchers of international right-wing extremism some Russian expressions of radical anti-liberalism and anti-egalitarianism. In connection with this, we invite not only submissions of original papers based on in-depth graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral empirical research.

We also explicitly encourage re-submission of papers and chapters previously published in journals, collected volumes, and monographs in the field of Russian and East European studies. This may, for instance, include research papers previously published in journals like "Slavic Review," "Europe-Asia Studies," "The Slavonic and East European Review," "The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review," "Demokratizatsiya," "East European Jewish Affairs," "Nationalities Papers," "Religion, State and Society," "Journal of Slavic Military Studies," etc. Your re-printed paper or chapter will, through publication in the book series "Explorations of the Far Right," also be noted in international right-wing extremism studies.

We will gladly accept all scholarly that are relevant to the announced focus of the volume, of high academic calibre, as well as rich on empirical information. Your research paper should have a length between 5,000 and 12,000 words (including footnotes), and fully meet the below formal conditions, once you send it to us for printing. Your paper should be sufficiently narrowly focused so as to not overlap with other contributions.

Should your text fulfill these criteria, please, do not hesitate to propose it to us! If we receive suitable submissions for more than one volume, we will extend the project to a multi-volume collection. Chances to get a high-quality paper published or re-published are high.

We will only print English-language scholarly papers that are submitted as WORD documents and that:

(a) have successfully passed the review process with our editorial committee;

(b) are orthographically and stylistically adequate;

(c) closely follow the formal style (esp. in the references and literature list) of this model text:

(d) have received permission, by the paper's original publication organ, to be re-printed in our collected volume, without a fee to the original publisher.

Unfortunately, we can neither provide much editorial or technical assistance nor cover reprint permission, translation, or any other fees.

We explicitly encourage the inclusion of visual illustrations (diagrams, photographs, arts work, etc.) in your paper that will be reproduced, in the book, as black-and-white pictures. Yet, we require explicit written permission for printing from possible copyright holders of such pictures.

We are only able to publish papers which do not involve additional editorial or logistic input from us, such as formatting, correcting, communicating, fundraising etc. Authors are expected to solve all such issues themselves, in advance.

The so far collected papers for this volume include the following English-language re-prints of articles from the journals "Forum für osteuropäische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte," "Russian Politics and Law," and "The Russian Review" (in alphabetical order):

Kaarina Aitamurto (Helsinki)
Reviving the Native Faith: Nationalism in Contemporary Slavic Paganism (Rodnoverie)

Michael Kirkwood (Glasgow)
The Importance of Ideology in the Works of Alexander Zinoviev

Leonid Luks (Eichstaett)
A Third Way, or Back to the Third Reich? The Russian Neo-Eurasian Journal "Elementy"

Rosalind Marsh (Bath)
The "New Political Novel" by Right-Wing Writers in Post-Soviet Russia

Anton Shekhovtsov (Northampton) and Andreas Umland (Kyiv)
Is Dugin a Traditionalist? "Neo-Eurasianism" and Perennial Philosophy

Mikhail Suslov (Moscow)
Between Nationalism and Imperialism: Pan-Slavism in Modern Russia

Andreas Umland (Kyiv)
Zhirinovskii as a Fascist: Palingenetic Ultra-Nationalism and the Emergence of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia in 1992-93

Please, send your English-language text proposal until 1 February 2013 to: . You may also contact us earlier. If we accept the paper, we would need the final text with all issues solved concerning formatting, correcting, reprint permission etc., until 1 May 2013. By that time, your article should be fully corrected and formatted according to this model:

We expect the volume(s) to appear by approx. 1 October 2013.

We look forward to your submission!

Thank you!

Anton Shekhovtsov, book series editor
Andreas Umland, collected volume editor

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