ASN 2017 World Convention: Ukrainian Program

ASN 2017 World Convention: Ukrainian Program

The program of the ASN 2017 World Convention is available on the Convention’s brand new website. The full panel lineup is broken down along the three days of the Convention: Thursday May 4Friday May 5, Saturday May 6.

The Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN), hosted by the Harriman Institute, will be held at Columbia University, New York, on May 4-6, 2017. It includes 700+ panelists from 52 countries.

Please find below the Ukrainian Program at the ASN 2017:



Identity in Times of Crisis and Conflict in Ukraine (Roundtable)

​CHAIR: Olga Onuch (Manchester U, UK),   


Elise Giuliano (Columbia U, US),

Understanding Popular Attitudes in Eastern Ukraine: What we know and what kinds of questions should we be asking?

Henry Hale (George Washington U, US),

Ukraine as Laboratory for Studying the Dynamics and Statics of Identity

Volodymyr Kulyk (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine),

Language, Identity and the Choice of Ukraine's Russian-Speakers

Grigore Pop-Eleches (Princeton U, US),

Graeme Robertson (U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US),   

Conflict and Identity in Post-Revolutionary Ukraine

Stefan Wolff (U of Birmingham, UK),

Strategic placeholder: Russia and the creation of a new de-facto state in Donbas

Gwendolyn Sasse (U of Oxford, UK),

Identities and the War in Ukraine: Surveying the Displaced and the Inhabitants of Donbas


Actors and Dynamics of  Violence in the First Half of 20th Century Ukraine

​CHAIR: Ulia Gosart (UCLA, US),


Artem Kharchenko (Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine),

The system of Orphanages as a Tool for Creating the “Soviet People”: The Period of Holodomor (1928-1935)

​Victoria Khiterer (Millersville U, US),

The Holodomor and Jews in Kyiv

Daria Mattingly (U of Cambridge, UK),

No Novel for the Ordinary Men: Representation of the Rank-And-File Perpetrators in Ukrainian Literature

Alexander Statiev (U of Waterloo, Canada),

Tactical Sophistication versus Strategic Self-Delusion: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as a Descendant of People’s Will and a Precursor of Guevarism

DISCUSSANT: David Marples (U of Alberta, Canada),


Anatomy of Revolution and Crisis in Ukraine

​CHAIR: Mathieu Boulègue (CapEurope, Paris, France),


Burcu Degirmen (U of Oklahoma, US),

The Survival and Breakdown of Authoritarian Regimes: A Tale of Russia and Ukraine

​Ivan Katchanovski (U of Ottawa, Canada),

The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Government Investigations

​Michele Pigliucci (U of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy),

Mapping the Instability Factor in Ukraine

​DISCUSSANT: Paul d’Anieri (U California Riverside),



State and Society in Ukraine Since 2014

CHAIR: Yuliya Yurchuk (Södertörn U, Sweden),


Marian Madela (Danue U Krems, Austria),

Reforming the Ukrainian Bureaucracy: A Step Towards Modern Statehood in the Time of War

​Ryan Barrett (U of Missouri Saint Louis, US),

At a Crossroads in Post-Communist Europe: Policymaking in Modern Ukraine

Christina Jarymowycz (Boston U, US),

On the Boundary of War and Peace: Civilian Volunteers in the Donbas Conflict

Viktoria Sereda (Ukrainian Catholic U, Ukraine/HURI, US),

Mapping Changes in Ukrainian Society after the Euromaidan: MAPA—Digital Atlas of Ukraine

​DISCUSSANT: Natalia Stepaniuk (U of Ottawa, Canada),


Artistic Representations of Identity and Trauma in Ukraine and Russia

CHAIR: Myroslava Znyaenko (Rutgers U, US),


Markian Dobczansky (U of Toronto, Canada),

Russification or Market Forces? The Soviet Ukrainian Literary Intelligentsia and the Fate of the Nation

​Bohdan Tokarskyi (U of Cambridge, UK),

Resistance Through Poetry: Vasyl Stus's Innovative Poetical Language as a Response to the Historical Trauma of a Totalitarian Regime

Alina Zubkovych (Södertorn U, Sweden),

The Transformation of the Crimean Tatar Image Representation in the Context of post-Maidan Ukraine: Analysis of Visual Culture

Yuliya Minkova (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U, US),

World War II, the Holocaust, and the Working Through of Trauma in Margarita Hemlin’s Novel Doznavatel

​DISCUSSANT: Halyna Hryn (HURI, Harvard U, US),


Economic Actors and Sanctions in and around Ukraine

​CHAIR: Nadia Kaneva (U of Denver, US),


Inna Melnykovska (HURI, Harvard U, US),

From Robber Baron to Great Gatsby: The Evolution of Ukrainian Big Business and Its Sources

​Ondrej Timco (U College London, UK),

How Criminals Cenefit from our Definition of Transnational Embezzlement: The Criminal Case United States versus P. I. Lazarenko

​Yoshiharu Kobayashi (Nazarbayev U, Kazakhstan),

Re-evaluating the Utility of Economic Sanctions as a Foreign Policy Tool: Lessons from the Ukrainian Crisis

Dessie Zagorcheva (CUNY, US),

Negotiating with the Russian Bear over Ukraine: The Effect of Economic Sanctions

​DISCUSSANT: Anthony J. Evans (ESCP Europe Business School, London, UK),


Sources of Ongoing Conflict in the Donbas

​CHAIR: Raine Ruge (EU, Brussels, Belgium),


Quentin Buckholz (Columbia U, US), 

The Dogs that Didn't Bark: Elite Preferences and the Failure of Separatism in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk

​Fred Cocozzelli (St. John's U, US),

Social Policy Reform and the Conflict in Ukraine

Maksym Yakovlyev (U of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine), 

(Re)Formation of Identities in “DNR” and “LNR”: From Language and Ethnicity to an Imagined Community

Jan Claas Behrendz (Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam, Germany),

The War in Ukraine and the (post-) Soviet History of Violence: A Reassessment

​DISCUSSANT: Jessica Pisano (New School U, US),


Panel U4

History and Memory

CHAIR: Janine Holc (Loyola U Maryland, US),


Barry Bookheimer (U of Pittsburgh, US),

In the Vacuum of Loss: Chasing Nation through Memory in the "Ukrainian Republics" at Mittenwald and Regensburg in Postwar Germany

​Lina Klymenko (U of Eastern Finland, Finland),

The Politics of Naming: World War II Commemoration and the Formation of National Identity in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Grigory Ioffe (Radford U, US),

Life on a Historical Frontier: The Polish Minority in Belarus

Eleonora Narvselius (Lund U, Sweden),

”In the Face of Science, as in the Face of God, Everyone is Equal”: Academics Executed in Lviv in 1941 as a Translocal Memory Event

Yuliya Yurchuk (Södertörn U, Sweden),

Popular History Projects in Ukraine since 2014: A Response to Propaganda or a Tool in Information Wars?

​DISCUSSANT: Zenon Wasyliw (Ithaca College, US),

Panel U9

Society and Identities in post-Euromaidan Ukraine: Change and Continuity

CHAIR: Natalia Stepaniuk (U of Ottawa, Canada),


Dinissa Duvanova (Lehigh U, US),

Protests and Online Activism in Ukraine, October 2010-February 2015

Alexander Grushevsky (Geo Consulting, Canada),

Revolution of Maidan, Russian Aggression and Evolution of Ukrainian Self-Identification

Volodymyr Kulyk (Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, Ukraine/Yale U, US),

Memory and Language: State Policies and Popular Perceptions Regarding Two Controversial Issues in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

Sarah VanSickle (Harvard U, US),

Revolution or Evolution? The Case of Women's Participation in Ukraine's Euromaidan

Olena Bogdan (U Mohyla Academy, Ukraine/Duke U, US),

The Interplay of Identities and Language Practices in Ukraine

​DISCUSSANT: Eleanor Knott (LSE, UK),

Panel U1

Decommunization and Memory Politics in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine

CHAIR: Ariane Larouche (U of Ottawa, Canada),


Ivan Kozachenko (U of Alberta, Canada),

From the “Capital of Despair” to the “Edge of Europe”: Memory Politics, Identity and Mobilization in Kharkiv before and after Euromaidan

David Marples (U of Alberta, Canada),

Memory Wars in Ukraine: Decommunization and World War II

Andrii Portnov (Forum Transregionale Studien, Germany), 

"The Great Patriotic War” in the 'Ukraine Crisis': How History is Used during the Ongoing War

Oxana Shevel (Tufts U, US),

Decommunization and Access to Archives in Contemporary Ukraine

​DISCUSSANT: Hugo Lane, (York College, CUNY, US)


Consequences of War, Prospects for Peace in Ukraine

CHAIR: Lydia Tomkiw (Nationalities Papers, NY, US),


Anna Kutkina (U of Helsinki, Finland),

Olga Mun (U College London, UK),

Mariia Vitrukh (Ukrainian Educational Research Association, Ukraine),

Negotiating Student Narratives and Academics’ Professional Identity in Times of Displacement: Case Study of Three Displaced Universities in Ukraine

Mykhaylo Yakubovych (The National U of Ostroh Academy, Ukraine),

Crimean Muslims in Crisis: Defragmentation of Religious Authority

Angel Angelov (Sofia U, Bulgaria),

Implications of the Conflict in Ukraine on the Political Dynamics at the United Nations

Volodymyr Yevtukh (National Pedagogical Dragomanov U, Ukraine),

Cultural Security in Turbulent Situations: Challenges for Ukraine

DISCUSSANT: Viktoria Sereda, (Ukrainian Catholic U, Ukraine/HURI, US),


Full program of the ASN 2017 convention is available on the conference website

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