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Ukraine and Donbas: Can We Be Together Again?

Over three million Ukrainian citizens who live on the non-government controlled territories, under the persistent informational bombardment of pro-Russian separatist media, are becoming more and more detached from “the mainland.” Even those who still keep faith in Ukraine often feel betrayed by the government when facing such measures as termination of social payments, or the procedure they...

Race and Postcolonialism in Ukraine and North America

This Krytyka forum is dedicated to translating and expanding a global terminology for discussing identity-based conflicts and postcolonialism. Our primary aim is to build debate around conceptions of individual and collective experiences across sites within and between Ukraine and North America. Now is an especially critical time in which to extend our scholarly dialogue in these areas, due to...

Ukraine's Public Health Challenge

Ukraine is quickly becoming a world leader in technology and software development. For every 100 Ukrainian citizens, 144 cell phones are in use. Ukraine is home to the fourth largest number of certified IT professionals in the world, right behind the US, India, and Russia. Why is it that the same nation which Forbes recently called “the next silicon valley” can’t cure tuberculosis, can’t control..