In the New Year, Give the World the Gift of Knowing Ukraine

December 2016
Вважаєте відгук корисним?

In the past few years, Ukraine once again became the center of international attention, as Ukrainians undertook yet another attempt to shake off the country's Soviet heritage and join the free world. Yet the coverage that the Euromaidan revolution generated hardly went beyond the usual stereotypes of linguistic and ethnic divisions, economic stagnation or political self-interest. Without a quick success story and distracted by cataclysms and turmoil in other parts of the world, the global audience soon turned away from Ukraine, having resigned to Ukraine's missed opportunities and lost potential.

However, despite continued struggles in building democracy and an open society, we believe that Ukraine remains one of the most dynamic countries both in Europe and the world today. In the face of growing euroscepticism within the EU, Ukraine continues to carry the flag of European values, showing that they are worth fighting for. Constantly threatened militarily and economically by an aggressive neighbor, with part of its territory annexed by Russia and another under Russian control through proxy forces, Ukraine seeks to distance itself from Soviet and Russian imperial practices. Political activism of the Euromaidan movement gave rise to a vibrant civil society and a cultural revolution that reverberates throughout the region. Ukrainians are among the top innovators in technology, the arts, and education in Eastern and Central Europe.

Sadly, most of these fast-paced changes and surging creativity remain unknown to the rest of the world. Scholars of Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia who don't speak Ukrainian have little to no access to cultural processes in the country, which makes it impossible for them to use Ukraine as a convincing case to contrast developments in neighboring countries. With hardly any representation of global media in Ukraine, journalists and interested readers from around the world are struggling to gain in-depth understanding of the internal dynamics in Ukrainian society, politics, literature, music, film, and art. On a very practical level, this situation makes Ukraine's integration into the world virtually impossible.

We at Krytyka sincerely believe that Ukraine is today one of the most interesting countries, worthy of being discovered and studied in all its contradictions. For 20 years we have been publishing in-depth articles on Ukraine's history, culture, literature, education, society, and art. Because our editors are deeply integrated into Western academia, we were able to help our Ukrainian contributors achieve a new quality in writing about these phenomena and reach an international audience. We were also among the first to involve international scholars of the highest esteem in writing about Ukraine and discussing local and regional contexts. We believe that this long-term work needs to be continued with renewed efforts.

This holiday season we invite you to join our efforts and make the gift of knowing Ukraine to the rest of the world!

Volunteer as Translator

If you are one of the few people on this planet who are fluent in Ukrainian and whose native/near-native language is English, and if you already have some experience translating from Ukrainian into English, please join our English website team! By volunteering as few as 1 to 2 article translations per month, you will help the world get to know Ukraine beyond the stereotypes, the negative headlines, and the simplistic divisions.

Contribute in English

If you work on Ukraine and the region, be it in social sciences or humanities, please consider contributing on a regular basis in English. We welcome both established researchers and young scholars. One short piece (1000-1200 words) per month on the topic of your research or a book/film/art review could help not only draw attention to your important work but to Ukraine in general and open the country for those potentially interested in studying it.

If you would like to pledge your help as a translator, or to contribute an article or review, please contact our Chief Online Editor Oleh Kotsyuba at

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